Stop the cultural genocide in Tibet

Friends of Tibet

Slide 1: Stop the cultural genocide in Tibet
Slide 2: 1949
Slide 3: …when the whole world was sleeping…
Slide 4: …and busy fighting battles across the globe…
Slide 5: …Tibet… a peaceful, spiritual country…
Slide 6: …and one of the few nations in the world with a long…
Slide 7: …history of continued independence…
Slide 8: …was overtaken by Chinese military invasion.
Slide 9: China’s unprovoked act of aggression on Tibet resulted…
Slide 10: …in the death of more than 10 lakh Tibetans…
Slide 11: …and the complete destruction of more than…
Slide 12: …6,000 ancient libraries and Buddhist universities.
Slide 13: In 1959 HH the XIV Dalai Lama, the spiritual and temporal leader of Tibet…
Slide 14: …was forced to seek political asylum in India with more than 80,000 ordinary Tibetans.
Slide 15: Since then Tibet has never been the same and lives of all Tibetans has changed entirely.
Slide 16: Faced with brutal oppression and treated as second-class citizens in their own country…
Slide 17: …around 3,000 Tibetans escape their homeland across the Himalayas each year.
Slide 18: China’s discrimination and suppression of religion and human rights still continues.
Slide 19: A high proportion of political prisoners in Tibet today are nuns and monks.
Slide 20: Tibetan language is being replaced with Chinese in all schools in occupied Tibet.
Slide 21: Party officials still conduct “Patriotic Re-Education” in monasteries throughout Tibet.
Slide 22: In 1996 China banned Dalai Lama’s photographs, films and his speeches.
Slide 23: China continues to transfer landless and jobless Chinese to Tibet to outnumber Tibetans…
Slide 24: …and continues the dumping of chemical and nuclear waste destroying the fragile ecology.
Slide 25: Most of China’s nuclear missiles and nuclear labs are based on the Tibetan plateau.
Slide 26: Under China Tibet is being colonised like Afganistan, Iraq, Chechnia and Palestine!
Slide 27: Meanwhile the struggle for independence continues inside Tibet and in exile.
Slide 28: It is no longer just a question of helping an oppressed people. Today the question of…
Slide 29: Get Involved!
Slide 31: PresentatIon by

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